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As the leading mobile app development company, First Futuristic helps bring your unique business idea to life. With a team of expert developers and state-of-the-art infrastructure, First Futuristic has designed, developed, tested, and delivered some of the most cutting-edge applications for client’s across the planet. We ensure your applications running on popular mobile (Android & iOS) and web platforms catch online users’ attention with ease. That’s not all, powered with next-generation features and advanced technologies, the app for taxi, food delivery, Uber-like services, and other service-related app perform hassle-free always. Ready to be on par, or even go beyond successful businesses in the digital ecosystem? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s begin.


Easy to Customize

Our apps offer the flexibility of easy customization as per the changing business requirements, even after launch.


Multipurpose layout

Our critically-acclaimed multipurpose layout offers easy adaptability with planned and even ad-hoc service requests by app users.


Unique Design

Good design dictates user attention. Our experts ensure the app designs make your users go gaga, all-time, every time.

About our market-leading on-demand Uber clone app

The unique on-demand taxi app delivers trusted solutions to taxi service seekers and providers. Thus, ensuring your business succeeds in the global market.

With ride-sharing business dominating, entrepreneurs and startups can join the lucrative bandwagon with our readymade white-labeled Uber clone taxi app. The taxi booking software is highly-customizable and loaded with groundbreaking features. With comprehensive demographics analysis and smart algorithms, the application performs beyond business expectations.

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Delightful features powering
Uber clone app development solutions

First Futuristic equips the smart taxi app with amazing and scalable features. So, here we go, mindblowing features, go and check them out!

App Screenshots

Check out our exclusive screenshots showcasing the application and its features. You may notice the following:

Awesome design

Brilliantly laid functions

Crisp content

How does the Uber clone taxi app work?

Keeping users in mind, First Futuristic devised convenient front-end functionality.
However, all this is made possible with sophisticated back-end codings.

User/Service seeker logs in the app


After entering location & destination, the user confirms ride


The driver gets notified and accepts request & view location


User views the driver’s location


The driver reaches location and picks up user


After the trip, the user pays online


Both driver & user rate & review each other & overall experience


Loved by our clients

We believe in providing quality solutions. Thus, ensuring our customers remain happy, even after launch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the cost of developing a taxi app?
Well, other developers may charge you a lot, but not us. We offer pocket-friendly solutions.
Can the app be integrated with payment gateways?
Indeed it can. The on-demand application will be integrated with numerous popular payment gateways and methods.
Do I require prior technical knowledge to operate the app?
Not at all. Our simple to use front-end and back-end functionalities eliminate the need for prior knowledge of the application’s features.
Do you offer after launch support?
Yes, we do. As per the agreement, we will assign a dedicated support team for your application.
Can I track drivers via the admin panel?
Indeed you can. With a God’s eye view of the entire business operations, business admins can easily track and monitor drivers’ movements.

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What better way to learn about the application and its performance? Our exclusive demo showcases the intelligent execution of functionalities, including features, UI/UX, and other critical aspects.

Our pricing package

With extensive market analysis and efficient resource allocation, our packages are some of the best in the industry. Therefore, keeping in check your project budget and timeframe.

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With our excellent app, stay light-years ahead of the competition.

With applications becoming a necessity rather than an add-on,
First Futuristic ensure your business trailblazes through the market, always!